About Our Restaurant

Curries, sizzling tandoori dishes and a variety of exotic lamb and chicken entrees make Indian cuisine the coveted food globally. At its best Indian cuisine is an exceptional combination of exotic herbs, ingredients, and spices that have given Indian food a foremost position in world cuisine.

Specializing in Indian cuisine, Festival India Restaurant is no stranger to exotic and exciting aromas, but the significance of the strong and mouth-watering scents of curry, spice, and sizzling meats surrounding the restaurant holds deeper meaning to some.
The various spices and aromas associated with each dish are thought to be beneficial in traditional Indian medicine, and essential to feelings of pleasure and well-being in customers. The Hindu practice of Traditional medicine native to India, Ayurveda, claims there is an association connecting spicy aromas and excellent health. Ayurvedic believes good food to be as essential as good medicine, and its practices highlight the significance of finding a particular dish with just the right spice blend and aroma that appeal to your tastes.

Whether you want to be eating a dish made from an old family recipe or having the fixed menu of reinvented specialties to make a Maharajah jealous, you’ll find it all in Festival India Restaurant.

Finally, real Indian food is what you are here to taste and we know your taste buds are longing for the specialness that draws you to good Indian food. For us, a dining experience that is perfect is a combination of delicious food, a great atmosphere and cheerful service all in one package. So, go ahead and try your hand at exploring the cuisine at Festival India Restaurant.

We offer the most authentic Indian food you will ever find in the area!